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BACP Accred Counsellor and Psychotherapist

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About my approach

Originally trained in Person Centred Therapy I am also trained in CBT, Process Experiential Therapy, Ego State Therapy, Mindfulness, Brainspotting, Focusing EMDR; Comprehensive Resource Model and Lifespan Integration . I am a member of Trauma Training in Scotland, a group of keen professional therapists striving for the best treatment of trauma survivors (whether a simple adult trauma or complex childhood trauma) and would consider myself a mature and experienced therapist.

Following a rigorous assessment of you, your problems, and what you need to get from therapy, we would decide between us how you would like to proceed. This way therapy is tailored to suit your individual needs, taking in mind your life difficulties, stability and resources. Working in a very focused way means that you get the most out of your time in therapy, whether that is short term (6-12 sessions), medium term (up to 30 sessions) or long term (open ended).

Working in a very focused way means that even short-term work can be very rewarding - the length of time you will be in therapy depends upon how severe the presenting issues are, how able and willing you are to look inside, and the pace at which you are comfortable working.

Although Eye Movement Desensitising and Reprocessing EMDR has been a method of rapidly reprocessing traumas, anxiety and depression, it started in 1989. Developments which have arisen from EMDR are Brainspotting, David Grand's BSP video, and Lisa Schwarz's Comprehensive Resource Model, each gentler and more effective than previous models.

Also worth considering is an approach where you give your brain supplements to aid its recovery The use of supplements and have a look at this TED video on nutrition and mental health. If you really want to support your brain and body's recovery from a toxic life then have a look at this 1.5 hr long movie called Fat, sick and nearly dead
William Walsh, Psychiatrist , who is the world's leading authority on treating psychiatric illness with nutritional supplements, talks about common disorders like anxiety, depression, post natal depression, and the correction of the nutritional disorders that underlie these conditions. He outlines a little known fact in medicine and psychiatry - that depression has five different biotypes with five differing treatments, not one single disorder treatable by one pharmacological drug!

For a humerous look at how therapy works click You tube

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