Counselling, Psychotherapy and Trauma Therapy in Kilsyth area (Falkirk, Stirling, Cumbernauld, Kirkintilloch, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow))

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My practice is based in Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire serving the area around Cumbernauld, Condorrat, Kirkintilloch, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, Denny, Falkirk and Stirling. I provide a Counselling, Psychotherapy and Trauma Therapy service for central Scotland .

Stress is what we feel inside when something needs to change - within us, in our relationships, in how we do life - and can be the start of a growth process if we choose that route. This can lead to a more optimal way of being within ourselves and in the world. Not everyone engages with therapy and many people just want to feel better instantly, probably an expectation from modern western medicine. It is said that insanity is "doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results." The desire that you bring to work hard and have an openness to change is what makes therapy successful.

I work with many of the human issues that are part of life:

  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Anxiety, Panic, OCD, Phobias
  • Depression, Hopelessness, Guilt
  • Suicide
  • Eating disorders, food related issues
  • Childbirth, Post Natal Depression
  • Bullying, Domestic Abuse, Work issues
  • Chronic Pain, ME, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue
  • The Trauma Spectrum, Dissociation, Flashbacks, Post Traumatic Stress
  • Childhood physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • Bereavement, loss, traumatic death
  • Addiction recovery (with provisos)
  • Somatic disorders(body illness worsened by stress)
  • Performance anxiety, sports psyhology
  • Relationship difficulties

  • Here is a fascinating insight into what Living with Depression is like TED talk about depression if you or a relative suffers with it,

    If you struggle with weight and dieting then watch this clip Obesity and insulin resistance, and also Metabolic syndrome

    Counselling is up to 12 sessions, to scope your present difficulties, set them in the context of your earlier life, and help design therapuetic interventions specifically for you. Short term counselling is often a starting point on your journey, helps you understand and experience how therapy works, and helps you through your current issue.
    Medium range therapy is up to 30 sessions, where deeper and recurrent difficulties can be dealt with in Psychotherapy; this involves more commitment, regular attendance, and a backdrop of some stability in life.
    Longer term Psychotherapy may be used to address specific issues in a very focused way, work at depth, or be used as a support system in life. This would be the venue for working with issues of complexity, early abuse and trauma, although modern brain based therapies mean that the time you need to be in therapy can be shorter than previously thought.

    I am specially and extensively trained in Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress and Complex Childhood Trauma (like sexual abuse, physical abuse, terror and neglect). For these deeper and more complex issues many of the newer approaches based on neurobiology may be helpful - EMDR a treatment developed for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) (see next page for more information on this and other therapies). Brainspotting is a more recent development from EMDR (second phase) providing a more focused type of trauma therapy. It offers the potential for deeper healing right back to birth and infancy if required (as developed by Lisa Schwarz).

    If you do have a history of a difficult childhood, and you are looking for a therapist, please consider a therapist's training and ability to work with such traumatic material - your therapist should be specially trained in Trauma and Dissociation, otherwise you can be retraumatised. Please feel free to make enquiries.
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    Understanding the freeze response and trauma

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